No one has time to sort through all the crap out there on the Web. Except us of course. Here are some links to articles you gotta read:

3/15: It’s not breaking news, or too eloquently worded, but a good, concise read nonetheless on activism in the NBA.

1/28: Although not quite in the Fynal Cut appetite, it’s not hard to see how this whole Target-blogger fued could/will/has translate(d) into the sports journalism world.

12/24: Aspirations of being a prominent sports journalist? Richard Pérez-Peña of the New York Times says you better hope ESPN snatches you up for baller money.

11/14: The good folks over at Slate tell us what’s wrong with the World Wide Lead…kidding, they tell us what’s wrong with everyone’s favorite publication, Sports Illustrated.

10/27: How about a little fun? Our friends at The Onion are always good for a laugh, especially when it comes to making fun of the Sawx.

9/18: Although the ideas are up for debate, at least Chuck Klosterman is joining the Cut in an attempt to save sports journalism.

8/21: Slate wonders if Ichiro Suzuki is crazy, or just adjusting to the American sports media?

8/20: Esquire’s Chris Jones tells us why Oscar De La Hoya is going to be the last boxer you ever recognize.

7/30: Jason Whitlock breaks down why it is Priest Holmes wants to return to the Kansas City Chiefs.

7/19: Finally, we get to hear a little about Hammerin’ Hank is this well-written Verducci story. It’s a nice break from Bonds news every day of the week.

7/15: Just an interesting story about some young skateboarding prodigies.

6/19: This was written by a friend of mine, but it’s a great, short piece on what the late Terry Hoeppner meant to Indiana University football.


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