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Just like cheatin’ on your wife…

It’s not illegal unless you’re caught on tape.

Or at least, that seems to be the road the whole “Spygate” scandal is headed down. Leave it to the New York Times to put a seemingly unethical situation into perspective with this fantastic article. Most people are very fast to bury Belichick, others are holding out hope that this will all wash over, and an even smaller portion of us are just so enraged that the media resorted to throwing a “gate” suffix at the end of another scandal that we can’t mentally progress any further.

But one option that nobody seems to have considered is that it ends up being the NFL that gets all shook up after this — not the Patriots. I mean, they have a very intense ethical dilemma on their hands here that the likes of Socrates would appreciate. It’s your classic slippery slope argument of asking where to draw the line on a particular issue. I guess the main question here isn’t Is it wrong to steal signals? but rather, Is it wrong to use a camcorder? Because if you think the first question is at the heart of this, well, let me allow the commissioner to field that one…

“I’m not sure that there is a coach in the league that doesn’t expect that their signals are being intercepted by opposing teams.”

We hear of this a lot in baseball. It’s pretty much common knowledge that if a man is on second base, that batter is going to have a clue as to what’s coming. And hell, in that sport we have national television revealing the signals, so tell me that teams don’t watch tape of opposing signs.

All I’m saying is: This isn’t as open and shut a case as it may see. The door will inevitably remain open here. And if the hammer falls on Belichick, don’t think he won’t come right back and hire some savant from Pawtucket that reads lips, hand him a pair of binoculars and a pen, and ring the bell for Round 2.


A plea to Mr. Goodell

Goodell picQuite frankly (sorry), we as Americans love football because it’s violent.

We love to see helmets fly off, the pigskin pop out of unsuspecting ball carriers’ hands, Rex Grossman get licked by Shaun Phillips.

It’s why we tune in.

But we have it good. We sit on our couches, drink our ale, eat our chips and watch. On TV.

Someone is taking that hit we cheer for. And although he may be a huge, muscle-clad athlete, it still hurts. And it’s still dangerous. And sometimes, fans would do anything not to see the hits on the field.

And yesterday, on opening Sunday no less, there was one of those moments fans pray NOT to see. Buffalo Bills defender Kevin Everett made a tackle on special teams, a head to shoulder tackle that didn’t look any different than every other play in a dozen different games Sunday.

But, it ended differently. Everett left the field on a stretcher, was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery on his spine. Doctors said yesterday it is unlikely he will ever fully recovered. Meaning, he’s probably not going to walk ever again.

And just like that, one of those pixelated, distant figures on the tube is gone. I’m not trying to go all Grey’s Anatomy on you, but he’s done. His football career for sure, any sense of normalcy, most likely.

So, this is where Roger Goodell can step up and show he is one hell of a commissioner. Yea, we’ve seen him punish everyone who’s blown into a Breathalyzer this offseason, but now he can do something good.

Call Everett, Mr. Goodell, or better yet, go to his hospital room. Sit by his side and let him know that whatever mountain of medical expenses awaits him, the NFL has it covered.

Cut through all the bureaucratic bs of the Players Union arguing with the league’s attorney’s, just make it right.

Let him know that you realize even though your game giveth certain players the lives of which they’ve always fantasized, it can take it all away, quicker than one of those vicious hits we see every Sunday.

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