Like Christmas Eve

Bryce hits itIt’s almost here.

The best four-day weekend since BabyJ faked that STD to get out of his job at Subway and we hitch-hiked to that poncho festival in Montana.

But that’s another story for another time.

We’ve got exciting things brewing in these parts. Our Fynal Four Bracket Challenge is filling up.

Over the next few days, after each round, we’re going to hit you fine folks up with breakdowns of how our test subjects fared.

And boy do we have test subjects.

We’ve got brackets from bloggers representing Web favorites such as Awful Announcing and Storming the Floor.

We’ve got one from former Indiana Hoosier and current NBA-D League player Rod Wilmont.

We’ve also got former Georgetown Hoya, NBA Champion and current D-League coach Jaren Jackson.

We have brackets picked by Sagarin, Pomeroy and RPI rankings, brackets picked by girls (you heard that right) and even some from the casual fans. Not to mention your classic “mascots” and “Places I’ve been or where I know people” methods.

To top it all off, we’ve thrown in the sheets from the good folks at si.com, a few folks from CBS (including Greg Doyel’s chin fuzz) and the only ESPN personalities with enough brass to reveal their picks before the tourney starts: Joe Lunardi, Bill Simmons and Bill Simmon’s wife.

So, it could be said, we have a lot of brackets.

Will the girls outpick the guys? Will the player outpick the coach? Will the bloggers outpick the mainstream media?

You’ll have to stay tuned, your first round recap will be here shortly.


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