And the blogger is…

Mystery menYou may have noticed, it’s been pretty popular lately for bloggers to “come out of the closet,” if you will.

Not to declare their homosexuality (usually), but rather, just to reveal their “real world” identities.

This started when the hilarious and, come to find out, hilariously successful fellas behind firejoemorgan.com revealed themselves as accomplished television writers for hit shows.

Today, SI.com’s Richard Deitsch broke the story of the man behind thebiglead.com. And you’ll never guess who he is!!

Well, he’s a 30-year-old freelancer who lives in Brooklyn. Maybe you could have guessed that one.

But besides keeping Deitsch employed with once-a-month columns, what is the purpose of these revelations?

In the first example, I can see none. You are already rich, famous writers who party with beautiful women. You probably even type on Macs. Why don’t you leave some of the glory for the rest of us, FJM?

The second case is a little more understandable. If I was a struggling freelancer (wait a minute…), I would probably want my name all over the Web. It would probably bring a greater chance of getting hired. No shame in that. In fact, if I were behind The Big Lead, I would probably celebrate the good work I had done openly.

But the question is, as a reader of these sites, why do I care who’s behind them?

Well, the real answer is, I don’t. Am I going to read FJM any more now that I know the writers work on “The Office”? No.

Will I peruse TBL any less because the man behind it isn’t as accomplished? Certainly not.

That’s part of the joy of the Web.

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t want to read stories about the people who write the stories I read. (I feel dizzy).

Alas, I’ve heard a lot of calls for writers of these blogs to own up, to give a cell phone number to which crazy commenters can send violently inappropriate text messages about how Joe Paterno should not be forced to retire.

And because of that I suppose, we must respond to our fan (unless his power got shut off again today). So here you are you wolves:

BabyJ is actually an accomplished woodworker. He used to have a job in the great North Woods, working as a cook for a spell. But, he never did like it all that much, and as they say, “one day the axe just fell.” That led him to writing, and ultimately to the FynalCut. He resides in Seattle with his wife. Both sit around local bars and tell U of W students about how they saw Eddie Vedder play “back in the day.”

And yours truly, well, I used to be in the fish business. Worked for awhile on a boat outside of Delacroix, in Louisiana. It was fairly lonely though, so I moved to the Big Apple and pursued the written word.

Years later, here we are.

Are you happy now, you voyeurs?


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