Keep him

[Editor’s note: This is a response to my fellow Cutter. Read below for the first installment] 

Alright folks, time for a more logical response to this whole ordeal… AS difficult as it is to appeal to logic after that IU-Wisconsin game (traveling anybody? please?).

Here’s my returning jab:

I should probably make it clear that I did not grow up in Indiana. So I was not sucking the ol’ Bob Knight Kool-Aid right out of my mama’s teet like most Hoosiers. I acknowledge that this slightly skews my view, though I would claim it gives me more rational logic, not to mention less bruising around my neck.

I guess that’s the crux of my argument: How can Indiana basketball ever move forward if the entire fan base is incapable of turning their eyes from the past. Yes, Bob Knight was a great coach. Maybe the best coach. But look what his legacy did to Mike Davis. He suffered from the proverbial “won with _____’s players” stigma that afflicts so many, and thus, had to march up hill, every season, until things finally got too steep.

So Davis crumbled, the team crumbled, and we brought in a winner. A winner. The Hoosier nation demanded somebody who could recruit well, put us in a position to win a championship, and restore the glory to ol’ IU. Well, in case anybody hadn’t noticed, in just his second year, that’s kind of where we are.

I just think the hypocrisy of demanding top level talent while not expecting him to sidestep these inane phone call rules to, you know, talk to the parent who’s choosing to entrust him with their kid is a little absurd. I don’t condone lying, and he should certainly be punished for that. But c’mon people, this man has been doing whatever it takes to deliver what you, the fan base, have demanded.

Let’s try to focus more on who he is (the best coaching option we’ve got, especially this season), instead of looking solely at who he’s not.


3 Responses to “Keep him”

  1. February 14, 2008 at 8:28 am

    Bob Kravitz made a good point in his Star column today, the longer Indiana supports Sampson, the worse the University looks. It’s not like this is the first time Sampson has been accused of indiscretions.
    You are right about one thing BabyJ, we were looking for the someone to return us to the glory days of ‘ol IU. But somehow, I don’t really remember those “glory days” as NCAA sanctions and articles detailing the embarrassment of our program.
    Perhaps everyone does cheat in the recruiting game. But apparently, they are all a hell of a lot better at it than Kelvin Sampson. This guy has been caught at 2 schools! How arrogant must one be?
    Oh yea, and while I’m handing out pink slips, AD Rick Greenspan (whose only good hire was Coach Hep) should be fired, too. Let’s let an IU boy (Dan Dakich) take over and start from scratch – which is what should have happened after Mike Davis.

  2. 2 BabyJ
    February 14, 2008 at 8:41 am

    Good points. But as far as Greenspan, go back and look at his larger impact. He pulled a department that was millions of dollars in the red back into security, has hired TWO solid women’s basketball coaches, a baseball coach, and is about to unveil a brand new football stadium addition (not to mention improved facilities for smaller sports like field hockey & others).

  3. 3 Tooch
    February 14, 2008 at 9:48 am

    I agree with both of you guys – in the end though, I think Sampson needs to go and Greenspan needs to stay, for all of the reasons that Baby J listed. I don’t like Greenspan by any means, but he has a solid history of finding good coaches. I like the idea of moving Dakich up to take over as head coach 1) because he has proven that he IS a good coach and 2) because it’s gonna be pretty damn hard to find somebody outside of the program that is willing to enter the fold following this shit storm. Good coverage so far, boys.

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