Dump him

EGSo BabyJ and I are going to try this here back-and-forth about Kelvin Sanction.

I’m going to strike the first blow:

OK, I won’t say I hate Kelvin Sampson, I don’t know the dude.

But imagine the dislike you have for the douche on the train who’s stepped on your foot 5 times without so much as an acknowledgement because he’s trying to check his iPhone in a way the girl next to him can see…and multiply it by about 10.

That’s how I feel about Kelvin.

This latest “news” – that his infractions have been upgraded to “major” by the NCAA – has solidified his place as the coach who undid Indiana basketball.

I know it’s common comparison among Sampson-supporters, but Bobby Knight was not dirty. He did not cheat (or at least get caught).

He may have been a mean son of a bitch. But he never broke any NCAA rules.

We (and I can say that as an alumnus) haven’t had a major NCAA violation since 1960! Are you kidding me? Explain to me how we can keep this man on as coach.

Eric Gordon was going to leave after this season anyway. Just send Sampson away and we’ll pretend this season never happened.


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