As promised, compelling journalism from the NY parade

Actually, what we mean by “compelling journalism” is “stories and video of people F’ing shit up.”

Yours truly wanted to provide some actual insight to the loyal readers of The FynalCut, but instead of seeing any actual football players what he got was a big dose of pure, unfiltered New York mayhem. And let’s be honest, that’s a whole hell of a lot more exciting than watching Eli Manning talk.

I was trying to get to City Hall, where there was apparently going to be a little rally of sorts. But the trains weren’t stopping there, and cops had every other street blocked off for the parade route. So after about 30 minutes of winding down this street and that, I ended up on Reade Street, pretty close to where players were supposed to be coming by.

What began as people trying to gain a vantage point, quickly digressed into, well, you see the video. I think the entire scene is best summed up by the voice you here in the first few seconds screaming: “BREAK THAT SHIT!!”

Oh, you’ve gotta love mob mentality. Seriously, just envision the ridiculousness of simultaneously hearing people joyfully chant “Let’s go Giants!” and watching others break into a completely trashed taxi cab, just to honk the horn in unison. Further evidence, not only do people scream “jump” to this guy on top of a bus, but when he gets arrested they start chanting, “let him go!”

If only Michael Strahan has known that all this happened when he decided to use “Stomp you out” as his big catch phrase. The fans were way ahead of you Michael.


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