Eli gets it done 


Did we just witness that?

I guess so. Well, I’m sure much will be said about this game in the upcoming hours, days, weeks, years, decades, but I have to say, this Super Bowl registers all the more surprising for this particular Cutter. I just moved to New York City and while watching this game, I got to thinking about the real lack of hype I’ve seen over the past week.

I remember being in Chicago last March, and there were still banners and posters in random parts of the city commemorating the Bears appearance in the big game. Not even a win, just a showing. And the city was still decked out.

But drifting through parts of Manhattan this week, there just didn’t seem to be a big buzz. Maybe it was the impossible odds facing the Giants, maybe this is just more of a baseball town (the Santana deal actually got more ink for a good part of the week), but I wonder how many times the winning city has had shock, rather than elation, register as the predominant emotion surrounding the win?

Either way, incredible.  So many storylines: The comparisons to New England’s first SB win over the Rams (big underdog, unproven, young QB, 3-point win); Perhaps one of the absolute greatest plays in Super Bowl history (Tyree’s catch after Eli’s survival spin); Plaxico’s damn-near spot on prediction…

Considering I am jobless, and thus, have nothing better to do, I will try to check out parades and pep rallies and other events this week to bring you some FynalCut exclusives from the Big Apple. Until then… So much for perfekshun. 


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