Watterson to Sehorn: “Stay away from Harmon”

SamNew York, N.Y. – Tensions on the already tense set of the television show “Law and Order” continued to rise Friday with senior cast member Sam Watterson calling out a co-star for a lack of effort on camera.

After filming a crucial judge’s chambers scene for the episode “Diagnosis: Dead,” Watterson stormed off the set, cursing.

The actor’s latest outburst comes just months after co-star Fred Thompson’s decision to run for president – a departure Watterson directly attributes to the “Sehorn effect.”

“It’s pretty clear she loses focus when that husband of hers comes around,” Watterson said of starlet Angie Harmon after filming the show’s 15,403rd episode. “We did a scene 14 times today, 14 times! And if he doesn’t stop hitting that ‘dun-dun’ button, I swear to God, I’ll kill him.”

Watterson’s accusations did nothing to ease the already strained mood on a set currently wracked by the Hollywood writer’s strike.

According to Watterson and other sources, Harmon’s husband – former NFL player Jason Sehorn – not only draws Harmon’s attention away from the script, but also detracts from the performances of other female actresses.

Sehorn is no stranger to on-set distraction. Formerly married to CNN correspondent Whitney Casey, Sehorn earned the nickname “Looker” around the newsroom for causing numerous female anchors to fumble through their lines.

“Eventually, someone has to step in and say something,” Watterson said. “We want to put out a good product, all of us do, but it’s a lot harder with Mr. Perfect Hair cheering from behind the cameras.”

When contacted for comment the day after Watterson’s outburst, a representative for the show said he was “simply joking” and that Harmon would have known what he meant. A young woman who answered Mr. Sehorn’s cell phone refused to comment on Watterson’s tirade.

Note: To all FynalCut readers…you will never, ever, read about any actress, starlet, no-talent blondes/brunettes/redheads on this site. Despite what you may hear, they have nothing to do with sports. If you really want that kind of “news,” we can redirect you accordingly.


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