Struggling Cities

Irish loseWatching the overhyped and overexposed Bulls get off to a slower start than Brady Quinn’s career got me thinking about the downer of a year ’07 has been for Chi City.

To start it all off, after an up-and-down, first-second-then first-place again regular season, the Cubs got destroyed by a young Diamondbacks club in the playoffs.

The NFL season was supposed to bring relief (after a Super Bowl run), but instead has brought the agony of witnessing not only the destruction of two quarterbacks – but also the rise of the hated Green Bay Packers.

And if the Windy City suffered the biggest punch below the belt to its sporting pride, these cities did their best to steal the crown:

South Bend, Ind.: Granted, there is only 1 sport in South Bend (sorry, SilverHawks). Of course I speak of the legendary, holy and morally superior Notre Dame football program. The Irish suffered from a horrible coach (but he’s white!) and were unaware the surfer-boy-turned-QB thing only works in Disney movies. Sure, they’ll bounce back. But for now, all you Touchdown Jesus fans should be incredibly embarrassed. (Everyone point and laugh at them)

New York, New York: As far as legendary sports cities go, New York is probably tops. But 2007 was bad enough to have some of those Broadway Joes turning over in their graves. If a playoff exit at the hands of the Cleveland Indians wasn’t bad enough for the Yankees, the team’s roster comprised about 75% of the Mitchell Report. On top of that, the Jets have been incredibly inconsistent this season, with one of their 3 wins coming against the NFC North leading Pittsburgh Steelers. And then, there’s the Knickerbockers.

Miami, Fla.: I was considering limiting this list to cities with actual fans, but South Beach has had it pretty rough this year. After hosting XLI, Miami has seen the Heat tank amid inter-team bickering (hard to believe with Riley at the helm) and the Marlins trade off their two biggest stars. Well, at least the Dolphins are working on making history. Oh, it’s the bad kind?


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