‘Let’s win this one for Stacey Peterson’

Drew Peterson“Alright team, for weeks now we’ve been lost, missing, even presumed dead… But does that mean we quit? Hell no! Is the family of Stacey Peterson quitting on her despite the eerily similar circumstances that they’re in? No!”

“And how about all them Indians back at wounded knee? All the odds were stacked against them. The White Man had better weapons, more man power, and horses, oh did they have horses. Just like Auburn’s got some horses in their backfield. But I’ll tell you what guys, those Indians, they never stopped fighting ’till every last one of them was dead. And that’s what I expect outta all of you.”

Go go Power Rangers “What’s that boys? Still not motivated? Well I’m sure a lot of you recall a little cultural phenomenon called ‘The Power Rangers.’ Well boys, the challenge that faces us this week brings me back to a historical moment when all the other rangers presumed the Green Ranger had died. And believe me, I thought the same thing myself. And you know what? A lot of people are taking us for dead, too. But you know what happened? Tommy came back as a whole new, even more powerful ranger… The White Ranger. With that in mind, all I have to say is: Let’s show these Tigers what this Megazord can really do.”

To Nick Saban and every other coach that uses history, movies, make believe or anything else other than sports to motivate their teams… Give it a rest. The Twin Towers ain’t gonna win you football games. Neither will 300, Jarhead or Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Balanced offense and sound defense will.

So why don’t you stick to coaching football, and leave the 9/11 references to Rudy Giuliani.


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