Milton Bradley will not be bullied by your umpires

So, this really needs to be discussed, even though it’s not that fresh.

Milton Bradley tore his ACL while being restrained during an argument with a umpire in Sunday night’s game against the Rockies.

Typical Milton, you say?

Not so fast. If you watch the video, which I’m assuming you already have, Milton doesn’t appear to say much after reaching first base. Then, jawing with the ump starts. And soon, Milton goes after him.

Milton’s side of the story goes like this: Home plate ump asks Milton if he threw his bat at him. Milton says you must be trippin’, who told you that? Home plate ump says first base ump. Milton confronts first base ump about untrue accusation, first base ump confirms it then calls Milton a piece of something. Hilarity ensues.

If you watch Milton’s explanation though, it’s not really that funny. It does seem like the umpire was targeting him because he is, well, Milton Bradley. And, as crazy as he has been, Bradley’s analogy to the Tim Duncan situation is rather spot-on.

If Joey Crawford can be suspended for picking on Duncan, this ump should most certainly be suspended for singling out Bradley.

Don’t get me wrong, Bradley’s injury was half a result of him going bat-shit crazy on the ump, and half a result of the egging on of the ump (who shall remain nameless). But, how can this ump walk away with no punishment? Bradley’s season is definitely over, and with it may go the Padres playoff chances.

Wow, a two-video post.


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