Whose fantasy?

Carson PalmerNot sure how many of you have heard of this “fantasy football,” but so far this season, it’s been a little screwy.

Nearly all sports publications advised their readers to take LT or Larry Johnson if the first overall pick fell in their laps.

But so far this season, either one of those guys would have been a wasted pick.

(Using one of my leagues as an example)

Tomlinson is currently the 45th leading scorer, and Mr. Larry Johnson was 76th.

Granted it’s only been two weeks, but both backs have looked stumped by opposing defenses, not really inspiring those who risked almost everything on them.

Of the current top-10 scorers, 6 are quarterbacks, a complete no-no according to all draft predictors. One of them is a Manning not named Peyton.

So were we all betrayed? Are these so-called fantasy experts going to screw us out of our Multi-dollar pots? Your current top-10 scorers:

1. Carson Palmer, QB, Bengals, 73.80

2. Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys, 70.94

3. Jake Delhomme, QB, Panthers, 61.82

4. Steve Smith, WR, Panthers, 61.05

5. Tom Brady, QB, Patriots, 57.64

6. Randy Moss, WR, Patriots, 57.05

7. Chad Johnson, WR, Bengals, 55.60

8. Derek Anderson, QB, Browns, 55.38

9. Eli Manning, QB, Giants, 52.12

10. Andre Johnson, WR, Texans, 51.70


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