Charlie Weis not only incompetent, but also a dickhead

Charlie WeisI was actually in South Bend when I saw on the NCAAF ticker that former Notre Dame quarterback Demetrius Jones was transferring to Northern Illinois.

Immediately, I thought Charlie Weis (and his genius, of course) had probably told Jones he wasn’t going to get much playing time no more.

Not with J-Claw in the lineup.

Nice, Weis. String the guy along for 3 years, then make him transfer for his senior season. That’s the Catholic thing to do.

Turns out, my presumption wasn’t too far off the mark, as Jones revealed to the Associated Press this weekend it in fact was Charlie that ultimately led to his decision to leave for Northern Illinois.

When I heard Jimmy was the No. 1 all the way through spring and that the only thing that was keeping him out of the lineup was his surgery, well that’s not what I was led to believe going into the summer,” Jones said. “I thought I was getting a chance because coach Weis believed in me. Then I didn’t know what to believe anymore.

In Charlie’s defense, he clearly got to see what Jones was capable of during his 3 pass attempts this season.

And there’s that powerful ND offense. Clausen and Co. are currently 116 out of a possible 119 teams in passing yards per game.

When does the free ride end?

UPDATE: Sunday Morning Quarterback has Taco Bell’s response to these allegations. Trust me, you want to read them.


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