Keep an eye on…

Vince YoungEvery set of eyes will probably be glued to the NFL this weekend, and for good reason. There are some fairly intriguing matchups, including the following:

>>Green Bay at New York (Giants), 1:00 EST: After their huge win over Philly, we’ll see how the Packers fare against Eli Manning…or one-armed Eli Manning… or Jared Lorenzen.

>>San Diego at New England, 8:15 EST, NBC: LT is going to be more “Nike commercial” than “actual Bears game” if the Chargers have any hope against the cheaters.

>>Indianapolis at Tennessee, 1:00 EST: This game might not be that exciting, but I’m live-blogging it over at si.com, so check it out. Perhaps Vince Young will give us another Heisman pose if the Titans win (or lose).

>>There’s also some good baseball this weekend. The Yankees and Red Sox (OMG!) start up a series (Friday ESPN, Sat FOX, Sun ESPN) in the Fenway Park(never heard of it), while the Cubs try not to be worthless against the hated (not so much this year) St. Louis Cardinals (WGN, CSN).

>>Are you as excited for the conclusion of the FedEx Cup as I am? Yea, I’m mildly turned on by the Tour Championship (Thurs/Fri GOLF, Sat/Sun NBC). I had high hopes for the golf playoffs, really, I did. But, Tiger’s going to win. No doubt about it. And you know what that means, $10 million extra for Tiger. Whoo. Hoo.


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