Evaluating SI’s Fantasy Plus

Trent GreenSo, because Chicago’s mail service is the worst in the country, I’m generally reading my issue of Sports Illustrated the week after it comes out (I know you try your hardest Rosie, you get me Heroes on Netflix very punctually).

Anyway, this week I was reading the Fantasy Plus section and wondering how the advice actually panned out (since the games had already been played).

So let’s dissect.

SI said to start the following players:

>>Trent Green, Dolphins QB: 219 yards, 1 TD, about 12 fantasy points. I’m going to call that a MISS because Jon Kitna scored 22 for me.

>>Tony Romo, Cowboys QB: This was a definite HIT. Romo had 345 yards, 4 passing TDs, a rushing TD and a pick. He scored 35 fantasy points. Good snag Underwood.

>>Fred Taylor, Jags RB: A big MISS. Sixteen yards rushing, 1 fantasy point.

>>Deuce McAllister, Saints RB: Another big MISS, 45 total yards, 3 fantasy points.

>>Travis Henry, Broncos RB: A pretty significant HIT with 17 fantasy points.

At wide receiver, SI recommended Laveranues Coles, Braylon Edwards and Joey Galloway. Coles had 2 TDs, Edwards had a fumble lost and 49 yards receiving and Galloway was on GHB. No wait, that was a different Bucs’ receiver.

As for Sit ‘Em, SI advised to leave the following players off your fake football team:

>>Jon Kitna, Lions QB: WHOOPS! Forgot he was playing the Raiders evidently. Kitna single-handedly saved my team I failed to live draft.

>>Philip Rivers: That was a real tough one, Bears D.

>>Running backs: Warrick Dunn, Rudi Johnson and Cedric Benson. Benson was a good call, as were Dunn and Johnson (who had a combined 14 points).

SI said to leave Lee Evans, Randy Moss (cheater) and Eric Moulds on the bench. We all know Moss had a monster day, as he’s on the cover of SI this week. But Evans and Moulds had a combined 9!!! yards receiving.

In all fairness, who would consider starting Eric Moulds anyway?

Until next time…


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