First week thoughts…

LT scores...fynally

The first week of the much-anticipated NFL season is in the books, and I don’t think anyone is saying it went exactly as they predicted.

A couple things really stuck out — and two of them came from the same game (Bears-Chargers, which incidentally, I blogged over at si.com).

First of all, Bears fans need to shut the hell up (not all, I generalize). The team didn’t deserve to win the Super Bowl last year (yes, they did deserve to get there), and Rex Grossman is not the quarterback of the future. The guy sucks. On most passing plays yesterday, he looked more concerned with stepping back and slinging it as far as he could than moving the chains.

Sadly, this team could still represent the NFC, it’s so weak.

On a similar note, the Bears’ D is ridiculous. How every player on that side of the ball can stand behind Grossman is beyond me.

Secondly, the way the Chargers played yesterday, they don’t have a shot of representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. The Patriots, and yes, the Colts looked astoundingly better than San Diego. Granted, that Chicago defense probably played a large role, so we’ll see how the Chargers fare in the coming weeks.

>>How about that Radiers’ D that everyone was hyping before the season? Yahoo!’s fantasy experts told me not to start Jon Kitna in Week 1 because of the pressure he would face…luckily, I didn’t listen — to the tune of 36 Lion points.

>>Speaking of (supposedly) awful teams, everyone was riding Carolina this offseason, saying how disappointing they’d be…at the same time singing the praises of St. Louis. Well, Jake Delhomme and the Panthers sure put a beating on a Rams team that was supposed to be one of the contenders in the NFC. Stephen Jackson had a measly 58 yards rushing.

>>Lastly, what a huge win for the Pack in Green Bay…I’m sure Philly fans weren’t at all upset about that. The Eagles had the ball longer, had more first downs and more total yards — it’s never going to happen for D. McNabb and that squad.


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