The Fynal Out: That’s about right

Homer!As far as action goes, there wasn’t much of it yesterday in Major League Baseball.

But, there’s always something happening at Wrigley.

And yesterday, it was pretty much what we expect out of the Cubs.

Soriano leads off with a home run. Jason Marquis retires the first 14 batters he sees, exits in the 7th. Ryan Dumpster trots in, gives up four runs in the ninth.

If the Cubs make the playoffs, this is how every game is going to go down. Full of heartbreak.

Anyway, the Dodgers won the game on Andre Ethier’s pinch-hit three-run homer in the ninth. They also won three of the four games in the series. They also sent the Cubs back into a tie for first.

Dodgers 7, Cubs 4: Soriano’s lead-off shot was only his first of the game, he added another three-run, go-ahead dinger in the 7th. It wasn’t enough to save the Cubs from Dempster though. The guy isn’t actually that bad, but everyone cringes when he heads to the mound, not a good sign for October.

White Sox 2, Tigers 3: Finally, it feels like fall again in Detroit. Although still with a lot of ground to make up, the Tigers are finally winning some ball games. The Cardiac Cats patiently waited for Placido Polanco’s walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th for the win.

Pirates 4, Cardinals 16: Rick Ankiel (the best feel-good story ever, in the history of sports. ever) had 7 RBI in the game, rocking two home runs. The Cardinals season-high 22 hits were good enough (combined with the Cubs’ loss) to move the team within 1 game of first in the N.L. Central. We should have picked the Cards…sigh.

More scores…

American League

Red Sox 7, Orioles 6

Cleveland 3, Angels 10


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