The Fynal Out: Back at it

A-RodA-Rod is good again!

Well, at least worth being the lead SportsCenter item again.

Mr. Rod went yard twice in the same inning last night to help pile on the pounding of the Mariners taking place at Yankee Stadium.

Although catching the Red Sox may be impossible, we all know it doesn’t matter how the Yanks get to the playoffs (except to us, because we picked them to win the East of course).

And the way New York is playing right now, someone is going to have to pry the Wild Card lead out of its clutches. The Tigers and the M’s aren’t looking like much competition right now.

Mariners 2, Yankees 10: A-Rod’s two home runs were just part of an 8-run seventh inning which was just enough to edge Seattle (not!). Jarrod Washburn showed he sucks in all months, not just August (1-5). We joke, Washburn only allowed 2 ER on three hits, but that damn bullpen! The M’s have lost 11 of their last 12.

Padres 6, Diamondbacks 9: At least one of our earlier predictions has a chance of coming true. The D-Backs took back first in the West by knocking around the extremely underrated Jake Peavy (pitching on 3 days rest). Maybe next time Peavy won’t ask to pitch on limited rest, he gave up a career-high 8 ER.

Astros 2, Brewers 14: Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun and Corey Hart all (ALL!!) hit three-run home runs to finally get the Brewers headed back in the right direction. With a half-game to make up in the Central, the Brew Crew heads to lowly Cincinnati. It’s gonna happen Cubs.

**It’s gonna be a little slow around here today, apologies for that. It will be made up to you later tonight/early tomorrow morning.**

More scores…

American League

Cleveland 6, Twins 2

Athletics 6, Angels 2

White Sox 1, Tigers 2 (F/11)

Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 4

Orioles 2, Devil Rays 17

Royals 2, Rangers 3

National League

Mets 0, Reds 7

Phillies 8, Atlanta 9

Marlins 4, Nationals 6

Dodgers 2, Cubs 6

Pirates 8, Cardinals 2

Giants 5, Rockies 3


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