The Fynal Out: Another no-no

Another no-noPicking the worst weekend the entire year to make sports history, Clay Buchholz decided to throw this season’s third no-hitter Saturday.

Even more impressive, Buchholz was making only his second start for the Red Sox.

Quick, name the last person to start his major-league career 2-0 with a no-hitter. Yea, me neither.

Meanwhile, Boston has now won three in a row and opened up (yet another) seven game lead in the A.L. East.

However, things aren’t looking completely bleak in the Bronx, the Yanks (even with their loss to Seattle Monday) are still in sole possession of first in the Wild Card race.

Blue Jays 10, Red Sox 13: Things weren’t looking competitive when Boston jumped out to a 10-1 lead after four innings Monday, but Toronto did all they could (they’re Canadians, remember) to make it competitive. The Blue Birds put up eight runs in the 6th, seven of them earned runs attributed to Dice-K. The Red Sox put up three of their own in the bottom half though, and the Asian Invasion got the (ugly) win.

Phillies 1, Braves 5: While everyone was busy downing hot dogs and trying not to drown after not waiting an hour to swim, the Phillies were making last week’s sweep of the Mets seem years past. Philly has now lost three in a row, the Mets have won four straight, and the division lead is now an even 5 games.

Mariners 7, Yankees 1: Speaking of collapses, remember when the M’s were entering that crucial series with the Angels? It was going to determine who won the division and all that jazz. Well, heading into yesterday’s game at Yankee Stadium, Seattle had lost (at least once a day) every day since Aug. 25. Ichiro’s 200th hit of the season (a homer off Clemens, surprise, surprise) helped stop the streak. Seattle’s now 6.5 games behind the Angels out West.

Cleveland 5, Twins 0: Here at the Cut, we’d like to personally thank the Twins for sucking so hard against Cleveland. In the last week, the Tribe has beaten the Twinkies four times (Nos. 5 and 6 come tonight and tomorrow), helping Cleveland open up a 6.5 game lead in the Central. Well, not that the Tigers are doing their part either.

More scores…

American League

Orioles 7, Devil Rays 9

Royals 8, Rangers 1

Athletics 5, Angels 9

National League

Marlins 3, Nationals 6

Mets 10, Reds 4

Astros 9, Brewers 7

Pirates 11, Cardinals 0

Giants 4, Rockies 7

Dodgers 11, Cubs 3

Padres 10, Diamondbacks 2


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