Fynal wrap

SteveyFynally, a long weekend.

After weeks of sitting around on the couch, we’re getting back to the U this weekend (the I-U) for some tailgating and generally debauchery.

It’s a fairly intense sports weekend, as far as sports weekends go.

You may have heard, college football starts this weekend, we’re pumped about that.

The best game of this first weekend is easily No. 15 Tennessee vs. No. 12 Cal (8 p.m. ET, ABC). Other than that, Indiana-Indiana State is probably your second best bet (all day, ham radio throughout Southern Indiana).

Besides college football, we’ve got U.S. Open tennis (USA and CBS, all weekend) and the second FedEx Cup tournament — the Deutsche Bank Championship (GOLF Saturday; NBC, Sunday, Monday).

Right now, Tiger is tanking, but that could change by the second. One prediction though, if Steve Stricker (above) wins the Cup (2 shots off the lead right now), consider the new PGA playoff toast.

Tiger or Phil or Vijay or a player of their star status has to win this first year. As much as we want to see Stricker win, it’s going to drive casual fans away.

On that note, have a good Labor Day weekend. Peace out.


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