Ozzie Guillen acknowledges our authority

Ozzie quitsYou may remember when we opined against Ozzie Guillen, the hilariously inept Chicago White Sox manager who has led his team into the ground this year.**

**Note: All real baseball fans know that a manager has extremely little to do with the play of his respective team. However, it is funny/easy/convenient to blame these individuals for poor performance.

Well, it seems Ozzie has come to his senses.

Well, as much as Ozzie can come to his senses.

He just can’t take it any more. Take it away Guillen:

One-hundred-million-dollar payroll and those guys don’t show how much they make in the field,” Guillen said. ”Well, Kenny, I don’t say what he has to do, but we play like this and spend all that money on the club like that, I will shut the payroll and go with Double-A kids if we have to.

Not sure how you “shut a payroll,” but proceed.

They’re killing me. They’re killing my family. They’re killing my coaching staff. Kill the White Sox fans. They kill the owner. They kill everyone. I hope they feel the same way we feel.

We had to wait two sentence for a Guillen-like overblown comment. Yes, the White Sox are killing his family. Also, White Sox fans, your manager just told all those who read the paper to murder you. Unreal. Do you at least have a solution Ozzie?

I hope somebody out there cares the way we care. Good guys or nice guys finish [expletive] last. I’m tired of seeing that [crap], day in and day out. And I don’t want to spend a miserable September seeing the same [crap]. If I have to see the same [crap], I told Kenny, ‘Bring somebody up. [Expletive] it.’ If it’s my fault, I should be moving out of here then. If it’s my fault, [expletive] fire my ass and I’ll be fine. I have the job to do, and I get paid a lot of [expletive] money to make this club work, but it’s not easy to work with people like that. It’s not easy.

Yes! YES! He understands! Fire his ass and he’ll be fine. Although he makes a lot of F-ing money (as he subtly points out), it’s not easy people! Running a team is hard! You have to fill out the batting order every day. EVERY DAY! And get thrown out once in awhile.

Anyway, there it is Kenny. Your free pass. He asked for it. Now give ’em the axe.


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