Hypocrisy is hilarious!

God, not more VickSwear to God, this is the last Vick picture that will be posted on this site for at least a week.

We aren’t even going to get back into the mess that is this situation (we even had the head of an animal rights organization leave a statement in the comments section — we smell copy/paste, copy/paste after Googling “Vick” in the blogs).

However, this was noteworthy from yesterday but didn’t make it in before the dinner bell rang.

ESPN’s Page 2 (I’m nothing like my stuck-up older brother, swear!) has decided to mock the ridiculousness of media coverage surrounding Vick.

Really Page 2?

Because for the last week, you couldn’t turn on the Worldwide Leader without seeing a press conference, an Outside the Lines, a Cold Pizza, or a Sportscenter in which Vick was the lead topic.

It was, Quite Frankly, embarrassing.

We know you’re supposed to be funny and all that jazz (the only writer we really enjoy is Klosterman), but we still know who signs your paychecks.


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