Guestlove: If you’re gonna pick, pick right

Larry JohnsonThis friends, is a guest post. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a bit more of these as we continue to get insanely popular.

Today’s poster is snissen, who brings the heat on how to dominate your fantasy league. Hint # 1: Avoid every “Fantasy Draft Special” you see on ESPN.

I’ve been handing out more hate than love recently, so let me bring some love to the Fynal Cut.

I’m a lovesick man. I don’t know who to choose, torn equally between the traditions and upsets of the collegiate game and the parity and speed of the pro game. (For the record, the love of Ms. snissen is better than both.)

Yes, folks, it’s football time, and that means it’s also time to feed our egotistical needs to prove our football savvy, also known as Fantasy Football. But let me assure you of this: You are getting bad advice from everywhere. If you haven’t yet drafted or are looking to reorder a team with wire pickups after a poor draft, I’m here to help.

I’m going to assume standard scoring and standard drafting. I’m also going to assume most in your league will not follow this plan, which will add to its effectiveness.

All advice is predicated by this: You take the best player for your team available in the given round. If you get to the sixth round already loaded with three running backs and Thomas Jones is still available, but all the good wide receivers and QBs are gone, you take Jones. Don’t reach deep at those other positions — wait and pick up Ben R. or Jake Delhomme in the ninth or 10th rounds.

Rounds 1-2: Two running backs in the first two rounds. (Mr. Larry Johnson) This is the golden rule of drafting. The only argument I could see for breaking this is if you draft second overall and Peyton Manning is available to you in the second round (which won’t happen). Otherwise you pick up your LTs, or Jacksons, Gore, Addais, Mr. Larry Johnson, Westbrooks, etc. in the first round. Second you go up and get your McGahees, Jones-Drews, etc. Even if you draft toward the back, pick up a C. Benson, Brandon Jacobs, Edge, etc. Do not take a quarterback. Do not take a wide receiver.

Rounds 3-5: Wide receiver, wide receiver, running back, or some combination thereof. Pick up the best talent available at those positions. The only exception here here would be finding a top-5 QB still available in the fifth round. And if Lee Evans is available in the fourth round, for God’s sake, take him.

From here, you need your quarterbacks, a third wideout, ONE tight end, a defense and a kicker, but not necessarily in that order. Check average draft position boards to know what most drafters are thinking, giving you the best value at every pick.

Use your final three spots to pick up lowest value players: a kicker, a running back you think might make an impact before season’s end and a surging wide receiver on a decent offense. If nothing else is around, grab up on of the backup QBs with some potential.

I recommend Adrian Peterson (Chicago) or Ron Dayne, J.P. Losman or Matt Shaub, and Robbie Gould or Olindo Mare (not necessarily in that order). Other considerations are Brandon Jones out of Tennessee or Anthony Gonzalez in Indianapolis in the bottom two rounds.

If you remember one thing from this lesson, remember this: RB, RB, WR, WR/RB, RB/WR, WR, QB and you’ll win your league with smart, well-researched picks. I cannot stress enough: Take three running backs in your top five picks. Happy hunting.

snissen runs in informative and enlightening snissen.com/blog. Definitely worth a stop on your trip around the world of blogs.


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