Tiger Woods has already ruined the FedEx Cup

Tiger WoodsYou know what’s fun?

Writing a column that follows this formula:

Tiger Woods is hurting golf by skipping the name of event here because insert logical reason .

Not only is it entertaining, it also requires intense brainstorming and reporting.

Enter one of the Cut’s favorite sites, Chicagosports.com.

Ed Sherman has captivated us with his recent column on how Tiger Woods skipping the Barclays Classic is hurting the PGA Tour and its new FedEx Cup “playoff” system.

Never heard that one before, let’s hear what you have to say Sherman.

One suggestion though, you should probably start by telling us how good of shape Tiger is in, and how this contrasts him wanting to take a week off. Okay, go!

Tiger Woods talked constantly about how his intense conditioning program enabled him to handle the brutally hot weather in Tulsa. He said all those hours of running, lifting and stretching paid off when he won the PGA Championship.

Mission complete.

On Friday, though, Woods suddenly didn’t feel so great, announcing he wasn’t up to playing in the first event in the PGA Tour’s new playoff series, the Barclays Classic.


So what’s the deal? Woods, muscles popping out of his red shirt, looks as if he could make a bid to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team in the decathlon, if so inclined.

He better not. A bunch of people would be pissed if Tiger started destroying the decathlon as well as golf.

Yes, contending in a major is taxing, a mental and physical grind**, even when the conditions are in the 70s with a nice wind blowing. But runners-up Woody Austin and Ernie Els also endured the pressure, not to mention the heat, and they are playing this week.

**Note: Ed Sherman has won the Masters 7 times, the U.S. Open thrice and the PGA Championship once. Also, Woody Austin and Ernie Els need all the cash (and FedEx points) they can get.

Ed, I think it’s time for a really overblown statement to really drive your point home.

The FedEx Cup playoff series is the biggest innovation in golf in decades. Instead of the golf season effectively ending with the PGA Championship, the PGA Tour has devised a four-tournament climax.

I might argue club technology, or even Tiger Woods are bigger innovations in golf. Also, it should be noted that a four-tournament climax means that the last should, by definition, be more exciting than the first. Tiger is skipping the first.

Woods probably is bigger than the game. But he owed it to the tour to support its grand plan by being on board for all four tournaments, at least in its first year. . .Woods not playing is Finchem’s worst nightmare. Instead of starting with a bang, the FedEx will begin with a big thud, thanks to Woods.

Alright, this is usually how these columns end. Woods is really hurting (my favorite/important) event by not showing up. How could he do such a thing?

Here’s how: Tiger doesn’t owe the Tour or its commissioner anything. Every player on the PGA Tour owes his house, Mercedes and six-figure club deal to Woods. On top of growing the game to immeasurable levels, Tiger also has a new baby.

So who cares if he wants to skipping what is essentially the Wild-Card round? We’d be willing to bet he’ll be there for the championship game.


1 Response to “Tiger Woods has already ruined the FedEx Cup”

  1. September 15, 2007 at 3:10 am

    he is the real sports person . thanks for this blog about my hero “our tiger”

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