The Fynal Out: Special K’s

JohanJohan Santana continued to prove why the Minnesota Twins should do everything they can to keep him in the land of 10,000 lakes.

On a night when Kevin Millwood gave up just 4 hits and 1 run in 8 innings, Santana still managed to upstage everyone.

No. 57 set a club record with 17 strikeouts, giving up just two hits in a 1-0 win.

Hilariously, both hits came from the corked bat of steroid founding father Sammy Sosa.

Rangers 0, Twins 1: Santana came out ahead in a hell of a pitching battle. Michael Cuddyer’s home run (and Millwood’s four walked batters) were the difference.

Tigers 3, Yankees 9: Jeremy Bonderman continued his post All-Star break struggles, but gave up only 3 earned runs. Unfortunately for him, the Tiger offense decided to call in sick. Johnny Damon’s solo shot in the 6th put the Yanks up for good. (4.0 games behind, people)

Angels 3, Red Sox 1: Two first-inning runs off Julian Tavarez was all the Angels would need, as they earned the series split behind Joe Saunders. The division lead is down to 4 games for the Sox, but they head to Tampa Bay next.

White Sox 5, Mariners 11: Jose Guillen catapulted Seattle into the Wild Card lead with a two-run homer and 2 more RBIs. F-Her went 6 1/3 innings to complete the sweep of the lowly South Siders.

More scores…

American League

Orioles 2, Blue Jays 3

Indians 3, Devil Rays 4 (F/12)

Royals 1, Athletics 6

National League

Diamondbacks 2, Braves 6

Giants 6, Marlins 5

Mets 8, Nationals 2

Phillies 4, Pirates 8

Reds 7, Brewers 6

Astros 3, Padres 5

Rockies 3, Dodgers 4

Cubs, Cardinals (PPD)


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