Giambi talks the talk, and evidently will walk

Giambi talksThat friends, is Jason Giambi.

Giambi is possibly the only player (other than Barry) that could be convicted of steroid use simple on physical appearance.

At one point, he really looked like the guy you would visit in the alley (or wherever it is you buy steroids) to pick up your supply.

Well, Giambi had an “open” and “honest” conversation with Senator George Mitchell, who has no laws to pass, only baseball players to catch.

During the convo over IM, Giambi acknowledge a “person history with steroids.”

And now, because of the discussion and his charitable work, commissioner Bud Selig has announced he will not punish Giambi.

Basically, Giambi has admitted he made a mistake (without admitting anything) and is going to give some money to anti-drug campaigns, etc., etc.

This just adds to the thought that Bonds is being persecuted because he is a giant dickhead. Maybe if he would have gone to Selig early on, given candid testimony and made a few contributions to D.A.R.E., people might respect his record a little more.

Giambi is kind of a Canseco character though. What he’s doing is good we suppose, but is he really a saint? He may have been promised he wouldn’t be punished by Selig before he testified.

At least it’s a step in the right direction.


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