The Fynal Out: Wild, wild card

Walk off in SeattleWe’ve already said the Yankees are going to catch the Red Sox in the A.L. East.

The Wild Card race is a little more competitive.

Realistically, the Tigers, Indians, Mariners,Red Sox and if you want to stretch it — even the Blue Jays, could win the extra playoff spot.

Of those teams, Seattle is certainly doing all it can to hang with the Angels (if not overtake them) and stay on top of the Wild Card race.

Monday night was no exception, as the M’s won in dramatic fashion once again, this time topping the semi-struggling Minnesota Twins.

Twins 3, Mariners 4: It’s a walk off. Richie Sexson catapulted the M’s back into the Wild Card lead with his 9th-inning shot. Felix Hernandez outdueled his Latin counterpart Johan Santana (who never seems to get a win for what a great pitcher he is), but got a no-decision.

Athletics 7, Tigers 2: First place for a day was evidently good enough for the Tigers, who blew the chance to win their first series in about 6 months. Mark Ellis hit a 2-run shot in the first for the A’s, who got a strong outing out of Chad Gaudin. In addition, Placido Polanco set a record for second basemen, going his 144th game without an error.

Orioles 6, Yankees 7: Speaking of walk-offs, the Captain wouldn’t be outshone in the Bronx. Despite Mariano Rivera’s first blown save since April 20, Derek Jeter knocked in the winning run for the Bombers 4th straight. In his return to the lineup, Jorge Posada had 2 hits.

More scores…

American League

Devil Rays 0, Red Sox 3

Blue Jays 2, Royals 6

National League

Giants 1, Pirates 3

Giants 10, Pirates 3 (DH)

Astros 4, Dodgers 1


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