You’re dead to me Reg

Reggie vs. CelticsWhen I first read the blurb, it didn’t sink in:

Celtics talking to retired Miller”

A Miller considering an NBA comeback?


Then I clicked on the story.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

As a Pacers fan, I was almost floored to see that Reggie was the Miller considering lacing up the sneaks again and hitting the hardwood.

I’m not sure it could be called a rivalry (at least a first-round playoff rivalry), but the dislike Pacers’ fans feel toward the Celtics is quite strong. Boston is probably second on the list of “teams Indiana fans hate” behind the Knicks.

But I guess it’s not really that rare anymore to see your favorite player in a different jersey. Karl Malone (if he has any fans) in a Lakers jersey. Shaq in a Lakers jersey, then a Heat jersey. KG in a Celtics jersey. It just looks so desperate.

Honestly, the Celtics aren’t going to win the NBA Finals this year. They probably won’t even get there. And now, I hope they miss the playoffs.


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