The Fynal Out: At last

Barry has done it

Well, it’s finally over.

On a 3-2 count against Nationals’ pitcher Mike Bacsik, Barry Bonds became the all-time career home-run leader with a 435-foot shot to right center field.

Thank God.

Some people were surprised that Hank Aaron recorded a video message to be played at the stadium after the record was broken. But Hank is all class. The only thing that almost knocked me off my chair was the direct denial by Bonds that his record was tainted:

“This record is not tainted at all, at all, period,” Bonds said. “You guys can say whatever you want. . . .Seven fifty-five was the hardest. Every time I’m training in the winter time, running the hill, it’s always harder to get to the top. It’s not that hard to come down from the hill.”

Also fairly crazy was the fact that Bacsik’s father (Mike) pitched to Hank Aaron after he hit 755, so the father-son combo is the only one to pitch to two reigning home run kings.

Oh, and the Giants lost, 8-6.

More scores…

American League

Mariners 10, Orioles 3

Devil Rays 6, Tigers 9

Yankees 9, Blue Jays 2

Indians 2, White Sox 1

Twins 1, Royals 5

Athletics 6, Rangers 8

Red Sox 4, Angels 10

National League

Marlins 1, Phillies 11

Braves 7, Mets 3

Dodgers 0, Reds 4

Cubs 2, Astros 5

Padres 4, Cardinals 0

Brewers 4, Rockies 11

Pirates 8, Diamondbacks 3


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