This is getting old

Small BarryAround here, we’ve been pretty silent about Barry Bonds and the biggest choke job in the history of baseball (well, since I’ve been alive) while chasing Hank Aaron.

But now, it’s getting pretty ridiculous.

Last night, commissioner Bud Selig had to have Frank Robinson sit in for him at Dodger Stadium, he couldn’t even stand to watch anymore.

All those people who were whining about Selig saying he may or may not be at the game when Barry breaks the record?

They’re asleep now, with the rest of Giants fans.

How can Selig be expected to follow Bonds around the country, watching him walk twice, single, and then have someone pinch run for him? The man has a league to run. Steroid users to catch.

Maybe this shouldn’t even be called a “chase” anymore…it’s more like following someone’s tracks…across the country.

Giants 4, Dodgers 2: Speaking of chokes, L.A. is doing its part to rival Barry. The Dodgers have dropped 7 of their last 10 games, and are still 1 game back of the Diamondbacks in the West.

Rangers 0, Indians 2: Cleveland cut Detroit’s division lead to a half game in the Central, as the two teams battle for the title of Most Mediocre. The Indians have lost 7 of their last 10, the Tigers 8 of their last 10.

Mets 12, Brewers 4: Also choking away their division, the Brewers had a little dugout scuffle in their drubbing by the Mets. Chris Capuano’s loss equaled the 13th straight game Milwaukee lost when he started.

More scores…

American League

Orioles 4, Red Sox 7

White Sox 13, Yankees 9

Royals, Twins PPD

Angels 6, Athletics 4

National League

Cardinals 4, Pirates 5 (F/11)

Phillies 10, Cubs 6

D-Backs 0, Padres 11

Reds 3, Nationals 7

Rockies 4, Marlins 3

Astros 12, Braves 11 (F/14)


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