Why does Ozzie still have a job?

OzzieSo I’m watching the White Sox game today… I mean, looking for a job… Anyway, I’m wondering why crazy Ozzie Guillen still has a job.

The ’07 White Sox play like one of the most poorly managed squads in recent memory.

On any other team with a World Series trophy from just two years prior, 39 wins at the All-Star break would be the manager’s neck.

Why does this <– dude get a free pass?

Everyone knows that Guillen is insane off the field, constantly embarassing the team anytime he opens his mouth.

Let’s talk on the field.

In the current game, the White Sox racked up 8 runs against the Yankees’ Roger Clemens (who continues to prove he’s worth $1 million a start) in the 2nd inning.

The Pale Hose then allowed the Yankees to score 8 runs in the bottom half of the inning. Now I would say, “who does that?”, but lots of teams do.

And you know what they do afterwards? They fire their managers.

True, the Sox have had some injuries this season. Who hasn’t? Darin Erstad on the DL isn’t enough to justify a drop-off of 15 games from this date last year (21 from the World Series year of ’05).  Is it?

I won’t say the World Series title in ’05 was a fluke, because it wasn’t. The team played the best throughout the playoffs. But with similar talent, Ozzie’s letting the Sox flounder around Royals territory. And there’s nothing more embarrassing than that.


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