Now that’s a pink slip

Jay WilliamsonI’m sure you were all glued to the Canadian Open (aka Mike Weir’s homecoming parade) this weekend.

But for those of you who didn’t catch it, there was an amazing occurrence up north.

Jay Williamson, who’s known for, well, nothing, fired his caddy on the 15th hole of the first round.

Now, in the golf world, that’s fairly rare in itself. But Williamson went a step further and got a new looper from the gallery.

Don Alexander, 69, a fairly good amateur in his day, was pulled out of the crowd to carry the 100-lb. bag for the last four holes.

Even more hilarious was Alexander’s logic for following Williamson’s group:

Every year I love to go out and watch a group that nobody’s going to follow except maybe their girlfriends,” Alexander, who played in the 1962 Canadian Open as an amateur, told the Toronto Star. “I love golf and I want to see how these guys make their living out here. I got a pretty good group there, with (Scott) Gump, Williamson and (John) Mallinger. They shot some pretty good scores. There were only a few of us watching them the whole way.

Ha! A good group with Scott Gump, Williamson and John Mallinger. If anything, our buddy Don is easy to please.

Anyway, I would try to sum up what happened next, but Don’s account is priceless:

At the 14th hole, Williamson hit it over the green and he and his caddy started having words. It got hotter and hotter and hotter. I was talking to the caddy’s girlfriend and she started giving me the background music and I thought, ‘Uh-oh. This isn’t good.’ . . . At the 15th tee they went at it again and Williamson fired him on the spot. The caddy then threw a handful of golf balls into the lake and stormed off. Said he’d see him in the clubhouse, that kind of thing. Williamson turned to us – there were maybe five of us – and asked who wanted to go to work. . . .A younger guy named Mike said he’d do it. I don’t know if Williamson didn’t want another man named Mike, or what, but he didn’t want him. I said, ‘I’m your man.’

Ha! So Alexander was the best of the 5 guys that were standing there. Awesome.

And he even got a bonus! A dozen balls! Whoo hooo!

Well, the new caddy didn’t work that well for Williamson. He shot 72-74 and missed the cut. Wonder if Don would have gotten his cut of the check if Jay could’ve put together four good rounds?

By the way, Jim Furyk, who I like to call “Even” for never doing anything too important, won. The Canadian Open. I rest my case.


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