Mike Downey’s going to get his own tag

GrossmanAround here, I try to distribute the mocking evenly.

Granted, ESPN takes its fair share of hits, but it’s not that I hate them…they’re just awful.

It’s in that spirit that I feel half bad about another post ripping chicagosports.com columnist Mike Downey. But I’m fairly sure he’s lost his mind.

In his latest work, Downey wonders why everyone is so negative about the Bears. I mean come on people, they went to the Super Bowl last year! The Super Bowl!

Hate to tell you Mike, but making it to the Super Bowl isn’t really a sign of good things to come. The NFC has been represented by 7 different teams the last 7 years of the Big Game (Chicago, Seattle, Philly, Carolina, Tampa Bay, St. Louis, New York).

However, the Bears “magical” season also doesn’t mean the team is banished to the cellar for the next couple years. But Downey doesn’t understand why critics keep poking holes in the Bears balloon of awesomeness.

I honestly don’t get it. How did the Bears go from a Super Bowl in one of their most magnificent seasons of all time to being a dumped-on, picked-on, piled-on, disrespectfully treated and continuously criticized team?

Hmmm. Well, I would say the arrest, then ultimate release of one of the team’s players, a holdout by the best linebacker on the team, a shitty quarterback…but please, continue.

Yet it sometimes seems as if we hear about next to nothing about anything except the Bears’ “problems,” their “weaknesses,” their “question marks,” as well as unhappy employees who either got out, got kicked out or want out.

“Problems,” “weaknesses” and “question marks” often do put a damper on the preseason.

But we won’t let that bring us down, will we Mikey?

This is a once-in-a-generation team. It defeated 15 of 18 opponents to win the NFC. It then played in a Super Bowl without a key man (Harris) and lost in a rainstorm to a strong team led by one of the NFL’s extraordinary quarterbacks (Manning).

The Bears. A “once-in-a-generation team.” That is all.

As a result of Briggs’ truce with the Bears, the most controversial issue in camp now will be whether Grossman deserves to remain the team’s No. 1 quarterback.

The selection of the No. 1 quarterback is a fairly large issue I would maintain.

I don’t know what this kid did to deserve the garbage that is thrown at him. He had a remarkable, admirable season in his first full year as an NFL quarterback, but for some inexplicable reason people treat him like dirt. Grossman threw touchdown passes galore. He quarterbacked the Bears to playoff victories against outstanding teams, defeating Seattle 27-24 and then New Orleans 39-14.

Where to begin? First, Grossman had 6 games where he completed less than 45% of his passes. 7 games with 2 or more interceptions. Eight games — 8! — where he completed 15 passes or less. Secondly, 23 touchdowns in a season is not throwing “touchdown passes galore.” He won the games, yes, but his play IS cause for concern.

So Mike, people have good reason to doubt the Bears. And when did you become such a positive Peter? I’d really like to respect the Bears, but columns like this make it so hard.


2 Responses to “Mike Downey’s going to get his own tag”

  1. July 26, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    Poor Downey. Everyone around him is drinking the Hateraid.
    My take on the Bears is that their offensive line is aging with little depth, and their WR aren’t very good. Hester will be catching passes this year too, so we’ll see how long before he gets broken in half by a linebacker on some busted trick play. Also, Hester won’t be scoring six times on special teams this year. It’s unpossible. Dante Hall has a season like that too. Just one. Hester won’t be able to do it again.

    The Bears will get their 10 wins and be in the playoffs again, so I don’t think the ship is sinking.

  2. July 26, 2007 at 7:51 pm

    In the NFC North, every team should get 10 wins.

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