Vegas goes bust

Vegas, babyIn this Tim Donaghy controversy, we all know the real loser.

Not the NBA. The fans are going to keep watching. The people who hate the league probably aren’t going to start following now.

Most likely not David Stern. Firing him could be the final blow to the league. He’s really the face of any stability right now.

Not the players. If anything, they might get to whine about calls more.

It’s Vegas, baby.

Vegas is done. Toast. “Cleaned out” as they say on the strip.

The New York Daily News has a source who says this whole gambling controversy will have “probably have no impact, whatsoever.” I think David Stern would disagree.

Stern has been looking for a reason to keep his boycott of Sin City alive.

Although I’m sure this isn’t what he had in mind, he’s going to appear to have a much stronger argument now. “See, I told you gambling would infect our game. Just imagine if we had a team in Vegas.”

Gambling is such a strange force in this country. Practically in any major suburban area (and a lot of rural ones), you can find a casino to plop down your life savings. And it’s popular too. These aren’t organized crimes dudes dropping down their money. You can watch 1,000 frat guys duke it out in the World Series of Poker on ESPN every year. Missed it? You can watch repeats the other 11 months of the year on the deuce.

So why is there only one place you can go to bet on sports?

Drawing a link between sports betting and Donaghy isn’t at all fair.

In every company in America, hell even in our own government, there are employees involved in illegal activity. Although he may have come across as extremely PR, David Stern is right in saying the NBA can’t monitor every single one of it’s employees all the time. They are people. Eventually, someone was going to make a mistake.

So, although Vegas is going to be the one punished for Donaghy’s actions, it shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same conversation.


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