Standards, standards

Sack Vick!I’ve been waiting to do a Mike Vick post (they’re so hot right now).

But I also wanted to wait until all the initial rushing to judgment had somewhat ended.

So, I had a great conversation about the NFL’s rough offseason (Pacman, Vick) with a good friend of mine.

And basically, we decided on one thing.

Pacman, Vick, neither of them should have to use anymore judgment in choosing their friends than we did. Pacman makes it rain, who cares? Vick has a water bottle with a secret compartment, whoop de doo.

Now, don’t think I’m defending law breakers.

But, Michael Vick has not gone to trial. Michael Vick has not been convicted of a crime in a court of law. The only place Vick has been convicted is in newspapers, on Web sites and on ESPN, by their source with the funky voice-altering equipment.

Everyone says athletes need to be held to higher standards, but do they? They are entertainers. I wouldn’t say we hold Lindsey Lohan or Taylor Hicks to higher standards. They might be more scrutinized, but we expect them to do crazy things (That Taylor Hicks, you never know what he’ll do).

But here’s what really irks me. Why is Vick chastised (and will probably be suspended) for something “bad” he hasn’t been convicted of, while Tony Dungy can talk about how much he hates gay people all he wants? It’s not that I condone dog fighting, but I think a certain amount of the judgment passed on players like Vick and Pacman comes from their images – the “thug image.”

Why isn’t Dungy suspended for not representing the tolerance policy I’m sure the NFL has buried somewhere in its Code of Ethics? Seems like a double standard doesn’t it?

I would say that gay rights isn’t popular enough for networks like ESPN to get behind. But poor little cute dogs being killed, that makes for a great news package. Who would want to see a dog killed?

Because the masses think something is right or wrong should not be enough to convict someone of a very serious charge. If Vick, Pacman, and any of the other young NFL stars are guilty of breaking the law, then let it be proven. Until then, we should stop chastising what’s seen as “bad” and letting what’s seen as “good” slide.


4 Responses to “Standards, standards”

  1. July 23, 2007 at 12:32 pm

    It’s fairly obvious you’re a homosexual and one them that dislikes causes other than Gay Rights getting media attention. This kind of dilutes your message. In any case, the Feds have a great deal of evidence implication Vick; the populous is reacting to that – and reacting to Vick’s previous bad behavior.

    Famous people are always judged by the masses and those masses demand justice / revenge that is NOT based in court findings.

    BTW – Vick probably hates gays too!

  2. July 23, 2007 at 12:51 pm

    Although I’m sure you’ve seen all the federal evidence against Vick (before the trial, nonetheless), he still hasn’t been convicted. The question is why Vick and others are “judged by the masses and those masses demand justice/revenge that is NOT based in court findings.” Why should we, as the public, care about the way Mike Vick lives? Again, IF he’s not breaking any laws.

  3. July 25, 2007 at 8:17 am


    “judged by the masses and those masses demand justice/revenge that is NOT based in court findings.”

    I believe you could have, for the most part, left the word “justice” out of that sentence. The masses rarely want justice; they want revenge. As for why celebrities are judged by the masses, I believe that is because the masses use them as role models and / or inspiration. When those celebrities are accused of bad behavior – as long as it’s plausible – the masses react more to the percieved betrayal of their trust than to the specific “crime” in question.

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