No one saw that coming

Serg!Well, I don’t want to say I told you so.

Who am I kidding? Yes I do. And I did.

Sergio Garcia, leading for most of the British Open, managed to throw away the tournament to everyone’s favorite leprechaun – Padraig Harrington.

I must admit, I was really worried at first.

I didn’t get to hear Mike Tirico’s soothing hymns until about the 17th hole of regulation on Sunday. And at that point, it appeared Serg till had a very good shot at pulling it off.

That was until the 18th and final hole, where Garcia missed about an 8-foot putt for the win.

And that was it.

Yes, it went to a playoff. But when you miss a semi-short putt for the win in a major championship — your first major championship — you ain’t winnin’ no playoff.

And on the first playoff hole, Garcia bogeyed, Padraig birdied and the Irishman was two shots up after one hole. It’s sad really.

But, fear not, Serg had an excuse (no way!):

“Having to wait 15 minutes on the fairway doesn’t help when you are trying to win the British Open,” said Garcia. “I guess the first five or seven minutes you couldn’t avoid because the guys in front were putting. Then it seemed to take a long time to rake two bunkers. I don’t know. It took a long time, a very long time. It’s not fun, not fun standing there when you know you’re hitting the ball well and you know what you have to do.

I’m not sure how long it will take Sergio to bounce back from this. Losing a major like that, not so good for the confidence. Especially when you are a tad overrated to begin with.

Either way, I’m willing to bet that Tiger wins another major before Sergio wins his first. That was about all the excitement on the weekend, except of course for Garcia and Mr. Tiger Woods both clocking people in the heads with golf balls.


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