Blogged down

Tiger at the BritishObviously, I’ve got no problem with blogs.

Here at the Cut, blogs are held in the highest regard.

However, it’s really frustrating when members of the mainstream media attempt to start blogs just for the sake of doing it.

The meetings that lead to these debacles are hilarious I’m sure, with talking heads pounding fists and yelling for an idea that’s “now” that the “kids will dig.”

Jason Sobel’s golf blog on espn.com is a perfect example of this abuse. Now Sobel’s a really good writer, so all of the blame can’t fall on him. But according to his posts, he updates his British Open blog about every 45 seconds, which is fairly ridiculous.

And when you start updating your forced blog that often, you get posts like this:

1:21 p.m.: I said we’d have more on the Celsius thermometer, and you can now stop holding your breath. In a piece on why Americans keep winning the Open, I alluded to the fact that one major obstacle U.S. players (not to mention fans and reporters) have to overcome is trying to convert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit just to figure out how damn cold it is around here. Well, reader Andrew in New Hampshire checked in with this, uh, sort-of-easy formula:…

So the “Celsius” theme dies out eventually and then we start in on the food:

As for the other food being served here, well, let’s just say I’d pay about 5 pounds for one of those Augusta National pimento cheese sandwiches right about now. The food is — how can I put this delicately? — awful. Just horrible, really. Sorry, don’t mean to offend any Brits, but tomatoes, baked beans and mushrooms just aren’t my idea of a good breakfast.

Jason, sorry, over here, yea, could we maybe have some information on what’s happening in the British Open? Maybe who’s leading, what the course is like?

Yes, the world’s best players are here this week. But there are also a whole bunch you’ve probably never heard of — some of which have interesting names, if nothing else. A few of my favorites: Desvonde Botes, Achi Sato, Ben Bunny, Tomohiro Kondo and David Shacklady.


So obviously there isn’t enough to write about from Carnoustie, so let’s just take it down a few notches, k Jase?


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