Crossing the line

ESPY signDid you watch the magic?

You know the magic I’m talking about: The magic that’s performed on Friday, taped, then replayed on Sunday?

Yep, I’m talking about the journalistic debacle that is ESPN’s ESPY awards.

There is a certain point where one has to stop harping on one person’s (or network’s) downfall(s).

That day is not today.

The ESPYs are everything that is wrong with ESPN. A supposedly independent “news” channel handing out awards to the very subjects it covers.

An example:

To start off the night, host Jimmy Kimmel made a joke about embattled Tennessee Titan Pacman Jones. Before you think I’m defending Pacman, hear me out.

How awkward would it be if Charles Gibson made a joke about President Bush at a public gala? All hell would be raised about how ABC News isn’t objective in its coverage of the White House.

A similar outrage occurred when Fox News tried to sponsor a Democratic presidential debate earlier this year.

Granted, sports are not necessarily news. They aren’t battles, they aren’t war. But ESPN claims it’s a network of sports journalists…so why don’t they act like it?


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