Enough to save the game?

David BeckhamWell America, are you ready?

He’s almost here.

There’s been a lot made over how David Beckham’s arrival in the States will affect soccer and the way it is perceived in this wonderful land.

Questions have been asked: Will Becks directly lead to more soccer fans in the U.S.? Will he and his wife last longer than Mr. and Mrs. Jessica Simpson?

But there is one question that seems to be generally ignored:

If you don’t care about soccer in the first place (see: America), why the hell would you care about David Beckham?

Obviously, he’s a great player. And soccer has established itself the world over. But fat, attention-short Americans don’t like it. Probably never will.

As an aside, soccer has grown on me of late. I watched the last World Cup with awe.

However, as we all know. I’m a lot cooler than not like most Americans.

If we brought over the best cricket player in the world (even if he was damn sexy), would people start watching cricket? (I can’t even tell you how cricket is played) Maybe people in L.A. would attend for four or five months until they realized being at the matches wouldn’t get them in Us Weekly. But let’s be honest, the sport wouldn’t catch on.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m as pumped as anyone for Beckham to start playing in the U.S. I’m even going to watch his first match (a first for my television – MLS). I’m just wondering, what happens when Becks makes his impact but no one is there to see it?


1 Response to “Enough to save the game?”

  1. 1 lisa
    December 2, 2008 at 6:23 pm

    hey david wenn du schwul wärst hätte ich dir ein geblasen du bist soooo se4x geil baby

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